Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Power Smoothies

Hello all! Here is another healthy recipe, but it's so tasty you won't even know that it's good for you! (I hope!) I make these smoothies for breakfast often and they keep me very full and satisfied throughout the morning. They have ground flax seed in them, which I got in the bulk section of Whole Foods. Flax is super good for you and packed full of fiber. You have to grind flax seed up, though, for your body to absorb the nutrients properly. I just grind them up in my little coffee grinder for a minute and they are ready to go. Also, I use the protein packed, non-fat greek yogurt to give this breakfast a little substance.

You will need a blender! Here is mine that my wonderful hubby got me for my birthday this past year. Some would say, "A blender? For a birthday gift? Isn't that offensive?" NO! I love it and he knew my passion for making smoothies and other various beverages (especially of the adult form) in these magical machines :)

1.5-2 cups frozen fruit
1 cup 100% juice
handful of fresh spinach
6oz tub of non fat flavored greek yogurt
1 tablespoon ground flax seed

Toss all of the goodies in the blender and let it whirl! The frozen fruit acts as the ice, so if you use fresh fruit, you'll need to use a handful of ice. If you don't know how to make ice, stop reading this blog please. :) I will say that this smoothie is pretty tart, which I love, but if you like your's sweeter use apple juice instead of orange and change up which fruits you use. Bananas have a lot of sugar in them, so they would be great in this. I know it may seem weird to add fresh spinach in a smoothie, but it is an excellent way to add veggies and not compromise the taste. Promise!

You'll have to excuse my pictures, by the way. I am a work in progress here and refuse my husband's help since I want to be an independent woman. If you know my husband, you know he's kind of a perfectionist and I am not at all. All of these photos were taken either at 5:30am or 9:30pm. I promise I will get better at the picture aspect of this whole blogging thing.

Enjoy your smoothies, party people!


  1. Isn't there a movie or tv episode where a guy gets his wife/gf a blender and she cries over it? Seems familiar. Anyway, glad you have a good husband that knows you would want that! Love your cute background and I cannot WAIT for more posts!! :)